The photojournal Urbanautica has published an overview of Daria Nazarova's work

by Steve Bisson

« These are the times of overcoming restrictions, striving for freedom, longing to live better and look better, to declare ourselves».

«Perhaps this also prompted her to make a book about it. «I wanted to bring the person who gets to know the community through my photographs closer to what Aloe is and transform my thoughts into a more understandable form». Certainly, the book allows for a more intimate experience, a «slower process then immersion through the social networks». No compulsive scrolling but slow, deep and careful leafing. A book that comes, not by chance, with a lot of handcrafted elements. «In my childhood, there were many material things, for example, questionnaires for friends like the one in the Aloe book. We used to print photos and put them into albums. I still make albums for my loved ones. We used to decorate albums and questionnaires with stickers, different inserts, paint with them colored pens. It seemed to me interesting to use the same form for this story, to show it as a book in which one could feel this greeting from the past.»

It was not an easy choice as it might seem. It took about year to Daria to finalize the right shape of this book. She started to work on it on the master-class of Kozuma Obara at Fotografika that lead to producing several dummies. «Everything was handmade [...] I was preparing text-blocks, gluing fabric to the frontispieces, putting sticks and inserting questionaries pages. I’m grateful to Katya Bogachevskaya and Fotografika publishing for supporting and publishing my project.» Well, it's always interesting to hear on the backstage of publications. «Book production is a complicated process so I’ve decided to print a limited edition but to do it my way». 100 copies indeed are the right short run for those photobook lovers and collectors!»

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