Fotografika Publishing is a independent publishing house that opened in 2021 and aims to publish and promote interesting photo books made by emerging photographers.
At the moment, the publishing house has published 4 books: «Summer Shore» by Vitaly Severov, «Aloe» by Daria Nazarova, «How Sasha Litvinov buried the gun» by Kristina Sergeeva and "River Under Earth" by Dmitry Ermakov.
Vitaly Severov "Summer Shore"
Edition of 125
10 х 19,4 cm, 52 pages, harmonica scroll
Inkjet printing

Photographed 2016-2018, White Sea,
Summer Shore coastal area,
Arkhangelsk region, Russia
Printed and maded by author,
comes in clear plastic audiocassette case.

60 €
Daria Nazarova "Aloe"
Edition of 100
15 х 21,5 cm, 112 pages, hard cover
English and Russian language

Photographed 2018 - 2020
St. Petersburg, Russia
The book has a lot of handcrafted elements

80 €
Edition of 100
15,5 х 21,8 cm, 124 pages, hard cover English and Russian language

Photographed 2019, St. Petersburg, Russia Cover has handcrafted elements.

40 €
Dmitry Ermakov "River Under Earth"
Edition of 50
18 х 22,5 cm, 136 pages, cover 300 g/m2
Unit: Biotop 120 g / m2
English language

75 €
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Tokyo, Japan: flotsam books
Köln, Germany: Cafe Lehmitz Photobooks
Vienna, Austria: Anzenberger Gallery

Fotografika Publishing is a new publishing house that opened in the fall of 2020 and aims to publish and promote interesting photo books made by graduates of the Academy Fotografika (St. Petersburg).
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